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Tomb Raider Game Review: Becomes The Popular Video Game: Tomb Raider is an action and adventure video game which is published by Square Enix. This video game is the fifth name given by Crystal Dynamics and in the Tomb Raider franchise. Like the initial entry in a recent Tomb Raider continuity, it is a reboot which is emphasizing the reconstructed source of the culturally affected lead character known as Lara Croft. This game is available for Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. This game launches a younger version of the sequence heroine Lara Croft in the form of an archaeology obsessed young lady bound for the sake of a cluster of stormy islands called the Dragon’s Triangle. When her ship collides, separating her from the residing crew, she is forced for finding out, surviving and uncovering the hostile and strange inhabitants of an island.

Tomb Raider PC Game Story: The player acquires the role of Lara Croft and the game is based on the Yamatai Island situated in the Dragon’s Triangle. The game starts with the setting out of the Lara on her initial expedition on board the ship Endurance along with the presence of the intention of searching for the misplaced Yamatai’s kingdom. With the help of her advice, the expedition undertakes the Dragon’s Triangle, Japan East. There are so many outstanding features of the recent version of the Lara Croft treasure such as outstanding graphics. Objects, characters and particularly landscapes are combined with a plethora of detail. You must pay attention to all the important facts prior to start the game.

Tomb Raider Gameplay: This game is represented in third individual perspective. The game utilizes an interrelated hub and spoke model which can unite the action adventure, survival machines and exploration. She can cross between the camps and crossways the island utilizing footpaths, already available or improved climbable tracks and zip lines. A number of moves of the Lara are brought from the old versions of the game made by Crystal Dynamics but with some additional features like incorporating components of stealth gameplay. Survival Instinct is an additional ability which serves as a mode in which collectables, enemies and objects essential to environmental puzzles can be emphasized for the player. It also includes RPG components like the player progresses throughout the game, the players earn experience points by performing definite actions and accomplishing tasks related to challenges in the game associated with exploring, combat and hunting. Players can also personalize and upgrade weapons utilizing salvage collected crossways the island. In this game, there is also a presence of the character progression mechanic such as weapons, better items and equipment are attained.

Game Size: 9.24 GB

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Tomb Raider System Requirements:
Processor: Dual Core Intel 2.8 GHz
1 GB RAM  XP 2 GB Vista/7
VGA: AMD Radeon HD 2900 or 8800 nVIDIA GeForce
HD free space 15 GB

Game Size: 9.24 GB

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